Monday, March 20, 2006

Starting over.

For now, this is the Sector Five Records website. If you want to get in touch with us, you're going to have to do it via MySpace. If you want a CD, you're going to have to get it at a show. Sorry dudes, but that's the way it goes.

The Bracelets returned triumphant from their mini-tour in Japan; those guys were living the dream. Apparently, Japanese audiences are supremely respectful and generally awesome. Good job Bracelets, you are our first international musical sensation.

The Hat Party and Houndrunner are heading out on a 10-day tour in late May; thus far we have 5 dates confirmed. I'll put together a show listing on this page once we have a few more dates set up. In the meantime, the Hat Party is playing this Wednesday night. ALL AGES SHOW people, and we're playing with Hockey Night from the Twin Cities. Come see Hockey Night before they blow up huge, you'll get bragging rights. The Journey, six bucks, show starts at 7.

Colony of Watts just finished up recording their side of a forthcoming split with the Suit. Five more aural assaults -- wear ear protection. They recorded it with Jon Terrones, and it sounds killer. Brace yourselves. HEY HEY PUSS IN BOOTS.

The Cummies are still playing in NYC, I think. Hey Cummies, let us know what you're up to.

Todd (ex-Watts Colony and artist extraordinaire) is doing his thing with his new music project, See the People, and hopefully he'll have some new music for us in the coming months.

Driftless Pony Club are... well, I think they were recording an album, and now they're... playing shows... honestly, I have no idea what those guys are doing. I'll be sure to ask them when they roll into town on April 14th. Check them out at the Klinic (with Middlepicker and Houndrunner).

Is there going to be a comp this year? What the fuck is going on here, anyways? Thus far we've asked a few bands to participate -- we'll see if it happens.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Houndrunner album release: June 2nd

5:00 PM  
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